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Your Needs to be At Peace

If the problem is that you are hungry, the stakeholder is you and the need is food. On this blog, you will find a lot of food! Food for thought is the best.

Food for Thought
Feed yourself food for thought!

Your stakeholders are interested in all of your needs.  You should be the most interested.  Listen to what your family, friends and co-workers are saying about your needs… your life. 

My blog posts will be in the following categories to help find resolution to common needs.

Health: The physiological needs we need to be fit and ready to take on the day’s tasks.

Safety: The physical safety and security we need to feel protected.

Tribe: The feeling of belonging when there is love, compassion, companionship, trust and sharing.

Esteem: The feeling of confidence, competence, accomplishment, recognition and acceptance.

Exploring: Curiosity, travels, the community and world, learning from other tribes.

Aesthetics: How beauty, symmetry, and organization plays in our emotions and achievements.

Self-Actualization: The authentic self and reaching potential.

Let’s think about others.

  • Phase I – 9 months – Mom and Dad gave this project life and so automatically were the Project Sponsors. How well they planned or prepared impacted all of the stakeholders.  Every pregnant mother was the project manager.  Bad, good or indifferent.  But frankly, being the sponsor, owner and manager, she could’ve ended this whole project just by ending you or herself the minute this notion was conceived.  At this point, Moms and Dads both should take ownership. Many stakeholders are amassed.  Finally, the baby is born.  What were the needs in Phase 1?
  • Phase 2 begins in infancy and should end when we are adults.  What happened to time, budget and quality for the stakeholders during this phase in life?
  • Phase 3, as an able bodied adult, you are the manager of you. Who is the sponsor? Who are the team members?  The customers? Who do you consult?

Lets self-reflect.

Who are the stakeholders in your life? Who is responsible, accountable, consulted or informed?

What does it mean for a need to be yours versus one of the stakeholders in your life?

Are you frustrated when stakeholders ask why, need you to elaborate or give you additional need?

How are your needs right now different than your wants?

Go Do.

Start a journal and document the stakeholders using the example above.  Think about all of your problems and all of your needs and how you can improve the communication about your needs with your stakeholders.

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