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Your Needs to be At Peace

Why is this blog food for good thought? Because it not only addresses your needs, but the needs that you and your stakeholders must meet right now for mental peace and happiness.

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Your Problem and Stakeholders

We, our lives, are a work in progress.... hmmm sounds a lot like a project! I love projects. I love managing projects. I love life. I love being the manager of my own life! Project Management (and life) is all about outcomes and minimizing risk to your project (uh, life).

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The Basics

The higher up we go in the triangle, the harder it is to achieve these targets. The busier we get and the harder it is to maintain the foundation, provide for others and to realize our own potential. Something or some one else's needs may become more important than your or your family's basic needs.

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The Journey Begins

Life can be as empty or as full … as clean or as dirty…. as filtered or unfiltered or as flavored or unflavored as you make it.

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